Marie-Josée Bergeron

To Create is to Exist!


Welcome to my Creative Space…

I am an intuitive artist, a passionate painter, who enjoys going off the beaten path. Creativity is my ally and I am inspired by the human spirit’s capacity to create and to reinvent itself. My mission is to connect and mobilize people to the power of creativity.

Creativity’s powerful force is the source of my artistic work, it allows each and every one of us to find solutions, to be inspired, to freely express ideas and even surpass our expectations.

My objective through diverse art workshops is to offer an experience and teach people, how to apply and incorporate simple art techniques on a daily basis within our individual lives as well as collective work environment.

For the past 7 years, I am humbled thus far, to connect with so many people and groups of all ages from various backgrounds, to help awaken their intuitive inner voice and the power of creativity.

It makes me happy to say, playing with paint, getting our hands dirty, feeling textures, materials and colors between our fingers, have a beneficial impact in our lives, because what I know for Sure… it helps stimulate the imagination and the expression of ideas.

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you soon. In the meantime, I share with you my daily mantra, “to Create is to Exist.”




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